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Bicyclebluebook.com provides trade-in values for your used bicycle.  

Program Qualifications

Valuations assume all original parts and must be a model year of 2000 or newer.

Department store bikes, tandems, adult trikes and recumbents do not qualify.

If your bike is not in the database, or is an eBike, it can still be valued and the custom quote process takes 2 business days.

Must be model year 2000 or newer.

Final trade-in value subject to in-store evaluation.

26" wheel mountain bikes will result in a lower trade-in value.

Bike Condition

Your bike should be clean, functioning, and in sellable condition.

If your bike needs major service and/or major parts, you will need to pay for the needed items and have the work done before we can take your bike as a trade. Any of our stores can coordinate this process for you.

The serial number must be clearly visible and not be defaced or destroyed.

What to bring

A valid issued driver's license, state ID, or Passport.

Any chargers, manuals, and/or accessories that go with the bike.

Receipts for any upgrades made to the bike.

Fighting Theft

We log your valid driver's license number as I.D.

We log the bike's serial number.

We have you sign a statement that says the bike is yours to sell.

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